About Us

East Carling P.S. was opened in September of 2016 after significant renovations and an addition to the former Bishop Townshend P.S. The school also welcomed students from the former Lorne Avenue P.S. on opening day.  During the 2015-2016 academic year, parent groups, community members, staff and students from both of the former schools were heavily involved in ensuring a very smooth merger of the two school communities.

As part of the merger, a Naming Committee was struck and that committee with involvement from both school communities decided on the name East Carling P.S.  The newly renovated school is located in the Carling area of the City of London and most of the former Lorne Avenue P.S. families lived in Old East.  Hence, the combination of “East” and “Carling” was decided upon for the new name.

In November of 2016, our school celebrated its official rededication.  We hosted a number of school board and government officials, parents, grandparents and even former staff from the two previous schools.

Currently, we have approximately 450 students enrolled in the school and are very proud to host a Native Language Program for students in grades four to eight.  We have several extra-curricular sports and clubs for our students and our East Carling Thunder teams have already done quite well in competitive sports.

We are proud to have created a new, merged school that focuses on academic achievement in a caring learning environment.